Kitty Kat Kronicles - Simon Is Trying To Behave!

Hiya - I'm Simon, one of the three KittyBabes.  You met my sis Lucy and twin brother Sammy this week.  They are my bestest friends in the whole world.  We spend all of our time together playing and wrestling and running races and sleeping on our nap rugs.  We love to spend lots of time with our Mama too.  I'm not in hot water with Mama right now, like Sammy, so I'm gonna make a fun Kitty Kat Resolve this week:  I Resolve To . . . Hang With My Best Friend!  Lucy and Sammy and I love to cuddle together.

Mama loves New Year Resolutions - she writes about her Daily Resolves at I Resolve To® . . . she does Daily Resolves every day too, things that makes her happy and healthy.  I want to do Kitty Kat Resolves with Mama, they make her smile!

Mama yells at me sometimes, so I might have to make Kitty Kat Resolves to 'be good' (like Sammy - he is leaving Mama's toothbrush alone this week, and I have been a good boy too).  But I'd rather have fun with my Kitty Resolves!

That's all for now.  More Paw Prints to come.